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Announcing an Update to the Theory of Family Relativity™

I just received this from MyHeritage about an update to the Theory of Family Relativity. Indeed, it is good news.

I have great news — we’ve just refreshed all the data for the Theory of Family Relativity™!

With this exciting update, you’ll get new and updated theories that explain how you and your DNA Matches may be related. This much-anticipated update may provide you with answers about relationships that have baffled you, as well as offer new insights about your ancestors and family relationships.


The Theory of Family Relativity™ scans billions of family tree profiles and historical records to craft detailed theories of how DNA Matches on MyHeritage may be related to each other. Since launching the feature in February, our DNA database has grown significantly, the number of family trees on MyHeritage has reached 45 million, existing trees have grown, and more historical records have been added to SuperSearch™.

A new notification system has been created to update MyHeritage users about new theories as they are discovered, one theory at a time. This email will be sent periodically, as of this week.

We hope that MyHeritage DNA users will enjoy the current update, which has more than doubled the number of theories available.

Read more about this update and some key facts and figures in the blog post.


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Sounds pretty much like Ancestry's ThruLines.

I hope the changes have included one so that the tree of a suggested person is not ignored. On the previous version I had suggestions of matches which clearly were not correct. An example my Great grand father is clearly identified in my tree, but the suggested match suggested he was the same as another William Treloar born 10 years apart to fit in with the theory of relating a person in another tree to mine. I hhave appreciated the accuracy of some other suggestions provided. Thank you for trying to prove relationships from your vast store of records.

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