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New "Member Friday" Webinar - Using DNA for Adoption & Unknown Parentage Work by Mary Eberle, JD

New "Member Friday" Webinar - Using DNA for Adoption & Unknown Parentage Work by Mary Eberle, JD

Every Friday we're pleased to offer Legacy Family Tree Webinar subscribers a new bonus webinar just for them!   This Friday enjoy "Using DNA for Adoption & Unknown Parentage Work" by Mary Eberle, JD. If you're not a member, remember the webinar previews are always free.

Using DNA for Adoption & Unknown Parentage Work

Adoption and unknown (or misattributed) parentage events—whether recent or in the past—can challenge genealogists. DNA can be a powerful tool for finding birth families. We’ll cover techniques and resources for this work. 


  1. Review of laws affecting adoptees’ access to their birth information
  2. Steps for using DNA for adoption work
  3. Predicting matches’ relationships based on amount of shared DNA
  4. Finding related matches: shared matches/in-common-with matches
  5. Reviewing matches’ trees—finding common ancestors
  6. Building trees back and forward in time
  7. Developing and testing hypotheses for the unknown parent(s)  

Using DNA for Adoption & Unknown Parentage Work by Mary Eberle, JD



About the Presenter

Mary EberleMary Eberle is a DNA expert who founded DNA Hunters,® LLC in 2015. She is also an educator, an international speaker, and the author of “23 Best Tips for DNA Testing and Family History.”  Mary is a retired patent attorney with extensive DNA experience. Over 30 years ago, she began her scientific career. She developed DNA tests for transplant patients. Today, she leads the DNA Hunters team, which finds people’s biological parent and grandparents. 


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