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Test Your Skills on an 18th Century Deed


Let's do something different this week. Let's put your skills to the test!

The images below are two pieces of same deed from the Nathan Brown brick wall case. As some of you may recall, Nathan Brown is Geoff Rasmussen's ancestor. This deed was one of the documents that was uncovered as we built a case for his parents being Jeriamiah Brown and Rebeckah Miller.

This should be considered an intermediate challenge.

In this document, particularly in the first image, you will see use of the long 's' which looks like an f.

See if you can answer the questions. The answers will be posted in one week, on Thursday, August 22, 2019.

Image 1

(click to enlarge)


  1. Where does Jeremiah Brown live?
  2. How many sons does Jeremiah Brown have?


Image 2

(click to enlarge)


3. When was the land transferred?

4. When was the deed recorded?

5. Who are the witnesses?

6. Who is Rebeckah Brown and how do we know?

Good luck with the challenge and have fun!

We'll be back with the results next week.


Marian Pierre-Louis is a genealogy professional who specializes in educational outreach through webinars, internet broadcasts and video. Her areas of expertise include house history research, southern New England research and solving brick walls. Since the rise in interest of genetic genealogy Marian has become addicted to using dna to help solve genealogy mysteries. Marian is the Online Education Producer for Legacy Family Tree Webinars where she produces online genealogy education classes. Once a month you'll find her as the evening host of Legacy Family Tree Webinars. Check out her webinars in the Legacy library.



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Fun challenge! Let's have more of these.

I'm with Jan. More challenges please. Even though I believe I know the answers, it is always nice to have confirmation that I am on the right track.

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