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Tuesday's Tip - Options: Other Settings (Beginner)

TT - Options - Other Settings

Tuesday's Tips provide brief how-to's to help you learn to use the Legacy Family Tree software with new tricks and techniques.

Options: Other Settings (Beginner)

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Customize Legacy 
Options: General Settings
Options: Data Entry
Options: Data Format
Options: Date Defaults
Options: Dates
Options: Locations
Options: Sources
Options: View
Options: Colors
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Options: Launch

The next section in the Customize Legacy menu is Options > Customize > 12. Other Settings


12.1 Printing Private Individuals, Events, Notes (ff)

12.1 Printing Private Individuals  Events  Notes
(click image to enlarge)



Please read Legacy 101 - Privacy to learn how to make things private in your file. Option 12.1 resets (or retains) your choices for reports. I personally have this set to reset every time because I am really picky about privacy things. I would rather be forced to make the privacy decisions each time I run a report.


12.2 Report Credit (ff)

12.2 Report Credit
(click image to enlarge)



This will print a small footer on your reports showing that the report was created using the Legacy software program. You can also control this at the time of creating a report by going to Report Options > Page Setup, Headers, Footers.


12.3 Record Number Warning (gbl)

12.3 Record Number Warning
(click image to enlarge)



This one is important if you use RINs as part of your paper/electronic filing system. I don't use RINs for this so I don't care what RINs are assigned to imports.


12.4 Custom User ID Numbers (ff)

12.4 Custom User ID Numbers
(click image to enlarge)



Some people like to display RINs in the User ID field and MRINs in the Marriage User ID field. Usually these are people that use these numbers as part of their paper/electronic filing system. This option will allow you to fill in these fields all at one time. You can also add custom text that will proceed the RIN and MRIN. Make sure you click the Apply button to execute the command. You can also clear out all of your User IDs to start from scratch.


12.5 Message Boxes (gbl)

12.5 Message boxes
(click image to enlarge)



I am saving this one for next time because there are a lot of separate options in this one option.


12.6 Help File (gbl)

12.6 Help File
(click image to enlarge)



If you have more than one Help File installed (different languages) this will set your default. There is a really cool trick to having multiple Help Files. If you are bilingual (or tri or quad) please read How to Add Multiple Help Files and Downloadable Help Files for more information. 


Next time we will look at Options > Customize > 12. 5 Message Boxes


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