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MyHeritage LIVE 2019 report - the future is bright!

MyHeritage LIVE 2019 in Amsterdam has concluded. To say that the future is bright at MyHeritage and its family history conferences would be an understatement. The second annual conference exceeded everyone's expectations, including mine. 450 people from 30 countries attended the live event, and tens of thousands tuned in via its live stream.

The conference was held at the Hotel Amsterdam. Here's the view from my hotel window. So beautiful!

2019-09-06 13.09.17-1-1

MyHeritage treated conference attendees with a pre-conference a canal tour through Amsterdam.

2019-09-06 13.09.17-1-1

We were then treated to a private screening of the world premiere of The Missing Piece - a powerful and inspiring documentary about hope and discovery that shares the story of two sisters, both abandoned as children, overcoming incredible odds to answer the questions of a lifetime. The sisters were actually at the event, and answered our questions after the movie concluded. Watch it here, but have tissues ready.

I was honored to open the conference...


...and introduce the keynote - MyHeritage's founder and CEO, Gilad Japhet. Gilad announced the acquisition of DNA products SNPedia and Promethease - a huge moment in consumer genetics.

2019-09-06 13.09.17-1-1

He also unveiled the new Education Center, gave a sneak peak of the upcoming new ethnicity estimates, and announced several new record collections. Watch the recording here.

Here's me and about 450 of my new friends.

2019-09-06 13.09.17-1-1

Saturday night's after party was groovy. We were entertained by both a Dutch folk dance group and the band, Beatlemania, from the UK.

2019-09-06 13.09.17-1-1

Saturday I enjoyed teaching "Top Tech Tips for MyHeritage Users PLUS an Introduction to Family Tree Webinars"...


...and I was honored to moderate the panel with Prof. Yaniv Erlich, Diahan Southard, and Roberta Estes on the topic of DNA Testing for Health.


If you missed the classes, or want to view them again, watch them on MyHeritage's Facebook page here or watch them on our site soon.

One of the most exciting announcements came in the closing session, where VP Aaron Godfrey unveiled where MyHeritage 2020 would be held: Israel! Although they didn't announce the dates yet, if you've always wanted to visit Israel, this will be a once in a lifetime opportunity.

Would I recommend MyHeritage LIVE? Yes, without reservation, to everyone. Well done to the entire MyHeritage team, of which I am proud to be a member. I look forward to seeing you all in Israel in 2020!


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