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Top 10 Genealogy Webinars - November 2019


We've tallied the numbers and made a list of the Top 10 classes for November 2019! Are your favorite topics or instructors among the list? Need something new to learn? Use the list to get inspired!

Each month thousands of Legacy Family Tree Webinar subscribers head for the library to learn new skills and techniques to help improve their genealogy research. Among the now-1,068 genealogy classes in the members-only library, these were the most frequently played during the month of November 2019.  They aren't necessarily the newest classes but rather the topics that were sought out by our members.

Have you seen any of these classes? Are these among your favorites too? Some of these classes (and topics) might be new to you! Get inspired to learn more and make your genealogy journey more fun!

The Top 10 for November 2019

1. Seven Steps to Manage Digital Files by Denise May Levenick

2. 25 Uncommon Sources for Your Genealogy by Gena Philibert-Ortega

3. Understanding Ethnicity Estimates by Mary Eberle, JD

4. Discover the new Legacy Family Tree 9 by Geoff Rasmussen

5. An Introduction to DNA Painter by Jonny Perl

6. Online German Church Registers, Duplicates and Substitutes by James M. Beidler

7. Trove: An Australian and Beyond Genealogical Treasure by Helen Smith

8. Soldier's Homes (1865-1930) Caring for our Veterans by Rick Sayre, CG, CGL, FUGA

9. Comment mieux gérer votre site familial sur MyHeritage (French) by Elisabeth Zetland

10. Watch Geoff Live: DNA by Geoff Rasmussen

The Runner-Ups

11. Hoe kan ik mijn MyHeritage familiestamboom beter beheren? (Dutch) by Willeke Binnendijk

12. Famous DNA: Looking into the genetic history of Joseph Smith Jr., founder of Mormonism by Ugo Perego, PhD, MSc

13. SuperSearch-hakukoneen käyttäminen (Finnish) by Juha Vuorela

14. Native American Research: Things You May Not Know by Paula Stuart-Warren, CG, FMGS

15. The (Underground) Railroad Runs Through Here by Janice Lovelace, PhD

16. No Will? No Problem! by Sharon Monson

17. I Received DNA Matches, Now What? by Daniel Horowitz

18. 50 Records that Document Female Ancestors by Gena Philibert-Ortega

19. A la Karte: Borders, Maps and Gazetteers for German Genealogists by James M. Beidler

20. Evaluating Your Smart Matches and Record Matches on MyHeritage by James Tanner


Access to classes in the Legacy Family Tree Webinar library are available with an webinar membership. Not a member? Become one! Or watch one of our free classes here.


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