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2nd Black History Month Webinar Released

A Checklist of African American Resources by Angela Walton-Raji

In celebration of Black History Month, Legacy Family Tree Webinars will open one free webinar each week during February from our African American collection.

This week's feature is A Checklist of African American Resources by Angela Walton-Raji. The webinar will be free from Feb. 8-13, 2020.

Webinars for the remainder of the month include:

The webinars are part of a group of twenty-one webinars in the African American collection at Legacy Family Tree Webinars. Speakers in the collection include Angela Walton-Raji, Nicka Smith, Janice Lovelace, Ahmed Johnson, LaBrenda Garrett-Nelson, Bernice Bennett, Melvin J. Collier, Judy Russell, J. Mark Lowe, Ann Staley and Ruby Coleman.

There will also be a free live broadcast on Wednesday, 19 February 2020 at 2:00pm Eastern - Newspapers for People of Color Genealogy Research by Nicka Smith. The webinar is free but registration is required in advance.

Join us in celebrating and learning about African American genealogy research during February 2020!




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