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New TechZone Video - DNA Testing and Chemotherapy? by Blaine Bettinger adds Genetic Genealogy Ireland conference videos


Legacy Family Tree Webinars and MyHeritage are delighted to announce the addition of fifteen Genetic Genealogy Ireland (GGI) 2019 presentations to the Legacy webinar library. The classes, recorded live during in the 2019 Belfast and Dublin conferences, include presentations by top international genetic genealogists on the latest developments in genetic genealogy with a special focus on their application to Irish genealogy. 

The presentations include:

  1. Using GenomeMate Pro & Other Tools by Michelle Leonard
  2. Irish Genealogies & DNA: Back into the Mythological Past by Bart Jaski
  3. Exploring new Y-DNA Horizons with Big Y-700 by Iaian McDonald
  4. Irish Genealogy Down Under by Michelle Patient
  5. The DNA Journey: Perspectives from Irish Adoptees by Dolores Quinlan
  6. Canadian Casualty Identification Program - Using Databases to Connect Families to their Lost Soldiers by Mags Gaulden
  7. An Irish-Ukrainian Case Study by Regina Negrycz
  8. Did the Irish Bring Rare mtDNA to Newfoundland? by David Pike
  9. The Tools at DNAgedcom & Genetic.Family by Rob Warthen & John Collins
  10. Managing Your DNA Matches by Donna Rutherford
  11. DNA Successes of a non-DNA Expert by Alan Rosborough
  12. Using Y-DNA Testing to Investigate Ulster and Scottish Surnames by John Cleary
  13. DNA Testing for Complete Beginners by Debbie Kennett
  14. Why Testing at Ancestry is Not Enough by Martin McDowell
  15. Do You Have the DNA of a Scottish Clan? by Alasdair Macdonald

The Genetic Genealogy Ireland 2020 presentations will also be added to the Legacy Family Tree Webinars library after their completion.

The annual Genetic Genealogy Ireland conference, hosted by Maurice Gleeson, has been running since 2013 in Dublin. It consists of 2-3 days of DNA Lectures from leading genetic genealogists in Ireland, the UK and Worldwide. In 2018, a second DNA Lecture series was started in Belfast. 

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And the benefits of membership keep coming! I've been watching these for years and always find that they are worthwhile. Thanks for adding them to FamilyTree Webinars.

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