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Your Black & White Photograph to Full Color in 1 Step

Brand new - use this incredible new tool to automatically colorize your black and white photographs. Watch how here:



At I uploaded some of my black and white photographs and let the tool do the rest. Take a look at the before and afters:




Amazing, isn't it?

It's free for the first few photos, and unlimited if you have a MyHeritage Complete Plan membership. Give it a try at


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What’s the cost of MyHeritage Complete Plan membership?

Yes, this is great news. I am so impressed with the outcome. Unfortunately, the resolution is not the highest for printing, but okay for posting online.

I’ve been using it. Love it. It does have limitations unfortunately. It isn’t very good at recognising blues. Everyone wears a shade of purple grey. Light blue eyes end up light brown. I expect this will improve with time
I still love it. It make details cleared in clothing, household items, images of homes and farms which gives more information on how our ancestors lived

Best thing since sliced bread.

It is a wonderful tool. Some colors are a little off - most people end up with brown eyes. It works best if you are working off of an original image, not something you "pulled" out of a website or newspaper. It is definitely a game changer and to me the best thing that has happened in genealogy for a long time. Well worth a subscription to myheritage.

This does work very well, and is also a good example of the pros and cons of AI.

[I have one photo which has a b/w portrait on the left hand side and a colorized photo on the right... it changed the dominant colour of the tartan clothing on the right from green to red!]

Be aware, (at least for MyHeritage subscribers) that it will upload the photos to your personal MyHeritage website - you may want to go there and update the metadata describing the photos.

John - here is the link to the MyHeritage plans:

Yes, great idea. And what an awesome way to get new subscribers. I tried a couple (and spent the money for a membership ...sigh...) but like the others say, the resolution isn't terrific and the colors are occasionally questionable. I'm going to try a high resolution photo and see what happens.

The colorization technology in MyHeritage is promising but needs work. I tried colorizing various photos up to the trial limit of ten. In one I tried to colorize a photo of my uncle in his Army Air Force uniform. The jacket and cap should have been the dark brown/olive worn by the Army during WWII. Instead the colorization turned his uniform into the Air Force blue. In another photo my aunt's dress was only partially colorized and one of her arms was not colorized at all. I was able to edit this in Adobe Photoshop Elements 2020, which just added a new colorization feature (also not perfect).
I don't know if it has something to do with the type and/or resolution of the image. All of mine are high resolution JPG files produced by scanning the original photos. If it takes another file format such as PSD, I would like to know.

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