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The 24-Hour genealogy webinar marathon: success!

We did it! The 24-hour Genealogy Webinar Marathon was a huge success! 7,781 registered from 68 countries for the event which was taught by 23 different speakers from 9 countries. 24 genealogy classes in 24 hours. Wow! Thanks to all the speakers, to everyone who attended, to hosts Marian Pierre-Louis, Daniel Horowitz, and Geoff Rasmussen; to Legacy Family Tree Webinars, and especially to MyHeritage for sponsoring the entire event.

In addition to everything we learned, we experienced emotions that many of us weren't ready for, or at least I wasn't expecting. Viewers expressed the peace they felt as we came together as a world community–as a world family–during these difficult times. Many were touched very deeply by Diahan Southard's class about how DNA influences our identity. Others shared how they feel they can now overcome painful family relationships after viewing Devin Ashby's "The Science of Family History." We had at least one brick wall solved while on-the-air, but now I have no idea in which class that was. They were each so unique and educational that I feel we are all better for having participated in the event.

What's Next?

We are now working really hard to publish the classes. Watch them again, or for the first time. They will begin to appear throughout this week at, and each will be free for a week. 

Access all 1,100+ classes AND syllabus materials

In addition to the 24 classes, anyone with a webinar membership has complete and anytime-access to all 1,185 classes in the webinar library. Plus, the marathon's 85-page syllabus AND all 4,800+ additional syllabus pages are available with your membership.

Join today, and you'll have immediate access to everything.


Lots of you are wondering when we will do our next 24 hour marathon. Honestly, I hadn't even considered it, and probably won't even think about it until we've caught up on our sleep and have this event's classes published. But it's an interesting idea. Stay tuned.





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If our social distancing and self-quarantining have to continue longer than we all hope it does, then you might consider doing something similar, but, for your sakes, a little less intensive. Thanks for all the genealogy education you continue to provide us.

Kathryn Schultz

I loved it! There was so much information - I'm really looking forward to watching several of the webinars again and also to follow the presentations on the handouts. Thanks for doing this!

With everyone limited in their activities, for who knows how long, even a series on a topic or another 12 or 24 event would be welcome. Thanks

I have been doing genealogy since I found Cyndi's List in 1995. I have learned so much from your webinars it is not even funny. I think what you are doing is fantastic. Looking forward to going to the library and catching a couple that I missed cuz the system locked me out when I refreshed it tossed me out and said the webinar was full. Thank you again

This was amazing! Learned so much! Please do it again. Just home from RootsTech, I believe some of these presentations were my chance to catch up on presentations I had to miss due to so many classes being offered at the same time. Legacy webinars are truly amazing. Well worth the subscription price to be able to "attend" anytime.

Virtual Meetings/Webinar's/Classes/Conference's are Truly Wonderful....But the 24 hour Marathon was very exciting and it came to be at a time Coincidently when I and I m sure many others needed it! It was a great escape! The Speaker's were absolutely great! So Thank you Geoff Rasmussen, Daniel Horowitz and Marian Pierre-Louis and many others!

Loved the 24 hour marathon but unfortunately was unable to see many due to prior commitments. Would love to see them again.

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