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Genealogy Crossword: Webinar Fun Facts

Who doesn't like a good crossword puzzle? Combine that with genealogy and you've got a fun, quick activity to pass the time. 


Click here to print the crossword with the clues. The answers are found at the bottom of the document.

1. Learn about Microsoft _____ in the 11-class series by Thomas MacEntee
3. Blaine _____ is the presenter of the 5-class Foundations of DNA series
6. The _____ series is held the first Wednesday of each month at noon Sydney time
8. Includes short 2-10 minute videos that answer a tech question
13. Got Irish ancestors? Learn from John _____ in the 12-class Foundations of Irish research series
15. "Life is short, do _____ first!"
16. $49.95/year is a _____ for a webinar membership
17. True/False - webinar members have anytime, unlimited access to 5,000+ syllabus pages

2. Surname of the webinar series founder
4. Webinar series founded in 20___
5. Available in _____ languages
7. Today, more than twelve _____ webinars are available on-demand
9. Closed _____ was added to webinar recordings beginning in 2019
10. Got _____ ancestors? Learn from Paul Milner's 6 classes on this geographic topic.
11. An Introduction to DNA _____ is the most-watched webinar ever
12. Webinar members can add webinar recordings to their _____ to view later
14. Geoff's capable co-host


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Would be interesting if Legacy programmers could find a way to generate a crossword puzzle utilizing the names and places, and maybe occupations, from a person's Legacy file. Perhaps it could utilize a tagged or hash-tagged list of individuals of interest from which to generate the puzzle. The Legacy user would determine the size, perhaps 50-60 across and 50-60 down, and would have to come up with appropriate clues.

Note: Three years ago I created a Legacy-generated BINGO game for a family reunion. Everyone, young and old alike, really enjoyed playing that game. I think we played for a couple of hours! Great fun.

Somewhere around 20 years ago I made up crossword puzzles for different family lines and one combined. There were, and are, software vendors who make crossword software.
It's fun and a great way to get family, especially children, interested.

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