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The 21 Day Family Connections Experiment

We're now in the 6th week of home isolation during this current pandemic. We're not doing too bad - one kid has shaved his head and the cows have only escaped once - so nothing too dramatic here. But as the weeds that need pulled have been pulled, and the excitement of no school has worn off, I'm starting to see the television on more and our days have been a bit less productive. So when my friend Devin Ashby told me about a brand new website to help with family connections during this time, I was anxious to learn more.

The 21 Day Family Connections Experiment, found at has 21 days of ideas to help the entire family connect as we connect to our ancestors. 

I asked Devin and founder of the site, Olivia Jewell, to do a quick background and overview of the site, which I recorded today for all of you to view. If you're looking to connect with your kids, grandkids, or others, I'd invite you to view the overview and give it a try.



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