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New Photo Enhancer tool - wow!


This is my great-grandmother before and after using the new Photo Enhancer tool at MyHeritage. Stunning, isn't it?

Enough said. But if you want to know more about it, read the article here.

Visit and upload one of your photographs. It's free to use for your first 10 photographs. If you have a Complete subscription at MyHeritage then you have unlimited access to it.


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I tried this over the weekend. So amazing.

Hi Am I correct if I use this photo enhancer tool it will remain on my heritage and can be copied by any other My Heritage members.I am not a member of my Heritage.
I am a Legacy member and have been since it first started.
I also have an Ancestry Membership but I keep my tree private as I have over 40 years of research and I decide I have had enough of people copying my research so now it is private.
That is why I need to know before I use this tool where my photos will end up.

This app is amazing, it can really bring an old picture back to life and then enhance your memory of that special moment in time.

I am very impressed with this tool, except that it does not cope with spectacles very well.

I like the old black and white photos. Does one have a choice to enhance without adding color. Color really afftects the time perspective. One does not expect a photo to be in color before color photography so something about colorizing every photo does not seem "accurate" .

The original photo's are the best, sure clean up the stains and scratches, etc., but altering the image in any other way to cater for the 'instant genealogy, without doing any work generation' just cheapens the image.

Geoff - I am amazed at how much you resemble your great-grandmother. You have her look.

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