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Legacy Family Tree Webinars Celebrates 10 Years!



Today, Legacy Family Tree Webinars celebrates its 10th anniversary of genealogy webinars. Join us as we kick off 10 days of festivities with free webinars, door prizes and more.

10 free webinars for 10 days

We're unlocking the top webinar from each year and making them free for 10 days. Visit to watch.

Discounts for new webinar memberships

Of course there will be discounts available for our celebration. We thought we'd have some fun with it. The sooner you take advantage of it the more you save!


Enjoy anytime access to all 1,350+ webinar replays taught by 280+ of genealogy's finest with a webinar membership.

Click here to purchase.

We've got a lot to celebrate! Here are just some of the milestones in our 10 year history


Watch 1,000 Webinars: History, Bloopers, Inside the Tech, and what's next.

Thank YOUs!

We thank YOU for attending, subscribing, sharing your feedback, and telling others about the webinar series. We couldn't do it without you!

Extreme thanks go out to our 283 instructors - truly, genealogy's finest educators!

Thank you to MyHeritage, the parent company of our webinar series, who keeps the website running, the bills paid, shares ours enthusiasm for genealogy education!

Thank you to the Board for Certification of Genealogists for entrusting the hosting of your webinar series to us!

Thank you to the entire genealogy community for your efforts in providing quality genealogy education!

Thank you to my ancestors who provide me with the greatest hobby! Without you, I wouldn't be looking for you, and thus learning about myself.

Thank you to my wife and children who go without wifi and have learned to be quiet during webinar times.

What's ahead

Here's to the next 10 years of learning how to find our ancestors!





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Congratulations Geoff Rasmussen!!

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