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Restore your photograph's color with one click

They've done it again! In addition to colorizing black/white photos and enhancing photos, MyHeritage now restores the colors in a faded photograph - with just a click.

I tried this just now on a few photographs and I am very impressed with the results. Best of all, MyHeritage leaves the original photo intact so I can always revert to it if desired.

Here is my family's photograph. I think I was a senior in high school when this was taken. I uploaded it to my MyHeritage photo album and clicked the brand new Restore Colors button. Remarkable results! Can you guess which one is me?


Here's my great-grandfather at the controls of his Union Pacific engine, before and after color restoration.


And of course, I had to try this out with my favorite ancestor's photograph. This time it detected the original as a black and white, so it didn't have the Restore Colors button, but I did use first the Enhance button and then the Colorize button. What more can I say? It's fantastic!


To learn more about MyHeritage's Color Restoration, read the blog article here. Or try it here. Let me know in the comments below how it goes for you.


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Incredible! But do I need to add my family history to My Heritage in order to use it?

The only thing I hate is I have to pay for a yearly subscription for things I'll never use. Need an alternative. I prefer pay-as-you-go services. The photo restoration should be available as a stand alone product in my opinion.

Thank you for sharing... this is an amazing tool!

This article tells you everything except where to find "My Heritage Photo Album."

Very good product & gives life to the old photos.
It would be better as a stand alone app at a reasonable price.

I tried it with my grandmother's tintype. There was a colorized portrait that has been lost to the family. Unfortunately, I could not get the right colors (my grandpa was a dark redhead, and my grandma's hair was brown). When colors come out wrong like that, can they be fixed? And if so, how?

Heritage's photo products are easy to use and give superior results when compared to the other products available online. They would get lots of business if they made it a stand-alone product offering, with a monthly fee. Users would then have incentive to explore their other products--DNA, documents, etc.

As long as the photo products are bundled with their other products (which I don't need), for nearly $300, I'll continue to use free services, even though they are not as good. But if Heritage ever decides to offer the photo products as stand-alone with reasonable monthly fees, I'd jump on it right away.

All of my older photos seem to be too small to colorize. Is there any way to resize them to use?

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