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My pedigree chart - animated - you've got to see this!

MyHeritage's Deep Nostalgia™, in just over a week since its release, has exploded in popularity and has become an internet sensation. Over 10 million faces have been animated so far, and a few thousand photos are being animated every minute. Deep Nostalgia is creating massive interest in genealogy, especially among the younger generations.

I've been having a lot of fun with it. Maybe too much fun. In my first post about it I showed my great-grandmother's still image and how Deep Nostalgia animated it. Reactions have been fascinating.

When my aunt saw the animation of her grandfather, she replied that she had tears and asked if I would do the same thing for her grandmother. So Aunt Teri, here you go.

My Great-Grandmother:

And my Great-Grandfather:

My Animated Pedigree Chart

So I thought I'd have some fun and create a basic pedigree chart, but instead of still images for my ancestors' pictures, I'd try using the MyHeritage-created animated videos in their place. Watch it here:

I admit, I had a little (a lot) of fun doing this. 

Read more about Deep Nostalgia here. Or visit here to begin animating your photos. But be careful, it becomes addictive. But we're genealogists, we're used to that, right?


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I am so grateful and amazed by this program! Not all turns out well (really old photos need to be "cleaned up a bit" with photo repair if the chin area, for instance, is damaged/ lines across it) but some are STUNNING- my most favorite ones actually made me cry- my older deceased brother being a proud daddy with my niece, my beloved Swedish grandfather looking chipper as always, and my 2nd great grandfather. I almost called your company with happy tears to tell you how much this meant the first day it opened and I stumbled on the "new button" to animate. THANK YOU FOR THIS,

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