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Got French ancestors? 463 Million new historical records now at MyHeritage


Oh how I wish I had French ancestors! If you do, you'll love this new collection at MyHeritage. Here's the scoop from MyHeritage:

We are thrilled to announce the publication of 463 million historical records from France in 5 collections: birth, marriage, death, and two censuses. The collections provide the most comprehensive coverage available for vital records from France in the 18th, 19th, and early 20th centuries. Until now they have been available exclusively through Filae, a leading French genealogy company recently acquired by MyHeritage. The collections cover nearly every department in France and include a high-quality index of the transcribed records and digital images of the original documents. Millions of these records are exclusive to MyHeritage and Filae and cannot be found on other commercial sites. By the end of the year, MyHeritage will publish hundreds of millions of additional records from Filae, further solidifying its position as an invaluable resource for anyone researching their French heritage. These new collections significantly bolster MyHeritage’s historical record offering in France, with a total of 514 million French records, and bring the total number of historical records on MyHeritage to 15.6 billion. 

Here is more information about each of the collections.

France, Church Baptisms and Civil Births
An index of church baptisms and births in France from 1650 to 1900 with images 154,466,538 records Search collection now

France, Church and Civil Marriages
An index of church and civil marriages in France from 1650 to 1916 with images 125,341,103 records Search collection now

France, Church Burials and Civil Deaths

An index of church burials and civil deaths from 1650 to 1945 with images 149,151,219 records Search collection now

1872 France Census
An index of the 1872 France census with images

16,454,086 records

Search collection now

1906 France Census
An index of the 1906 France census with images 17,629,052 records Search collection now

To learn more, read this blog article.

Search the collections here.


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