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Treat Yourself to a Genealogy Conference this Saturday

Treat Yourself to a Genealogy Conference this Saturday

Join us this Saturday at Legacy Family Tree Webinars for the first of our monthly online genealogy conferences in 2022. Organization, one of the most important aspects of good genealogy research, is the theme for this Saturday. Here’s the class lineup:



Teri E. Flack

Organization: Create a Finding Aid to Locate Your Records (brand new)

Mary Hill

Get Organized Using the FamilyRoots Organizer Color-Coding System

Cyndi Ingle

Maintaining an Organized Computer

Lisa Louise Cooke

Organize Your Online Life

Thomas MacEntee

You Can Do This: Photo Organizing and Preservation


About our online genealogy conferences

Each conference will include 5 pre-recorded classes (1 class is brand new, 4 classes are hand-selected and unlocked from the members-only webinar library).

How to Watch

The cost to attend is, well, zero. Viewing all five classes is free. There’s no registration necessary. Just visit and start learning. Even the syllabus is free for the day.

Get ready to get organized!



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Wow! I'll be telling my students in my Genealogy for Beginners class this evening!! Great idea, Geoff & MyHeritage. :)

This is amazing and generous! Thank you!!!

sounds interesting look forward to watching

Are there set times for each class or just watch sometime Saturday? I’m in Turkey do the time difference is a bit awkward.

Hello. How can I attend (see) this webinar? I also don't think I'm a member. How can I do that?

Craig Fisher

Presently I have well over 11,000 DNA matches in Ancestry alone. DNA researching might be straightforward for some, but it’s a new area of exploration for me. However, I believe that at least to of these topics can help me, along with assistance from others who are more familiar with DNA searching and matching. The last three are a part of my past training as an Administrative Senior Sergent in the US Army and as an IT Specialist with the Department of Veterans Affairs, so I will not need instructions in those areas.

I look forward to the instruction.

Looking forward to attending these sessions!

What time is the webinar on Saturday, January 29th? I don't find the time anywhere in this article or a place to register. Please help. I really need this webinar!

Thank you.

What time is this conference? How do I join? Do I need to register? I clicked the above link but was given a message "No Results...."

Elle, the webinars will appear at the start of the conference. They are active now.

Pat, the conference runs from 12am GMT on Saturday and concludes at 11:59pm Hawaii Standard Time Saturday night.

Craig, you do not have to be a member to attend. The conference is open to all.

Hope, there are no set times. The conference runs from 12am GMT on Saturday and concludes at 11:59pm Hawaii Standard Time Saturday night. You can watch each webinar at your convenience during that time.

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