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29 Legacy Family Tree software QuickTips

Want to learn how to use Legacy Family Tree's tools, or the Relationship Report, or hashtags, or so much more? We've just published 29 QuickTip videos on all kinds of topics to help you make the most of your Legacy Family Tree software.

These QuickTip videos were previously available on our old webinar site, and have now been converted and published on our new webinar site. Find all of them at

Here's the list of titles:

  • How to Record a Cremation
  • What Are Those Numbers?
  • Using Legacy's TreeFinder
  • The Advanced Set Living tool in Legacy
  • Discover Legacy's hidden navigation tools
  • The Relationship Report in Legacy
  • How to Add a Bookmark in Legacy
  • Creating a Custom Report, Hashtags, DNA and more
  • Using Legacy's tools
  • How to customize Legacy's Family View
  • How to make a backup of your Legacy family file
  • Legacy software tip: How to unlink a child, spouse or parent if needed
  • How to Import a Family Tree Maker file into Legacy
  • How to make a Family Calendar using Legacy Family Tree software
  • Using Legacy's Character Ribbon
  • Creating a Migration Chart
  • Working with Gaps
  • How to create a Mother's Chart
  • Blank Forms
  • How to Create a Birthday Reminder
  • Creating a List of "Who Lived Where"
  • How to Add Divorce Information
  • How to Create an Origins Chart
  • Legacy's Date Calculator tool
  • Legacy's Soundex Calculator
  • How to Create a List of Civil War Candidates
  • Timelines, County Histories and Centennia
  • Seeing more in Legacy's Index View
  • How to Create a List of War of 1812 Candidates




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