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Treat Yourself to an Irish Genealogy Conference this Saturday

Treat Yourself to an Irish Genealogy Conference this Saturday

Join us this Saturday at Legacy Family Tree Webinars for the next of our monthly online genealogy conferences in 2022. In honor of St. Patrick's Day, the theme for this Saturday is Ireland. Here’s the class lineup:



Natalie Bodle

Finding your ancestors in Irish land valuation records (brand new!)

John Grenham

Foundations of Irish Genealogy 2: The Major Records I, General Register Office

John Grenham

Foundations of Irish Genealogy 4: The Major Records III, Church Records

Natalie Bodle

Using Irish newspapers and other printed material

David Ouimette

Genealogical Treasures in Irish Archives


About our online genealogy conferences

Each conference will include 5 pre-recorded classes (1 class is brand new, 4 classes are hand-selected and unlocked from the members-only webinar library).

How to Watch

The cost to attend is, well, zero. Viewing all five classes is free. There’s no registration necessary. Just visit and start learning. Even the syllabus is free for the day.

Get ready to find your Irish ancestors!




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This sounds wonderful. Thanks for making available to everyone!

I've done a good bit of research. Visited Ireland (four times) and met 100 cousins that I hadn't known existed. One area where I'm bogged down is Irish Citizenship.

I'd like to apply for dual citizenship. An Irish friend tells me to forget it, it's impossible, and I tend to give up on the paperwork. grandparents lived such a hard life in Hell's Kitchen. When they arrived in 1902, they had to renounce allegiance to Ireland and the King of England! It feels only right to come full circle with Ireland and their lives in "Ballinglee," Wexford.

Sincerely, Cathy Crosby (aka Crosbie)

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