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New tool — how to join a live webinar in progress WITHOUT looking for your registration link


Webinar viewers will love this new tool! We've just created the Join Webinar in Progress button which lets you join a live webinar from the webinar home page at without having to look for the registration link in your email.

Why you might need this

Previously, to attend a live webinar, you would need to first register for the webinar, then wait for the confirmation/reminder email from GoToWebinar to arrive in your Inbox, then click on the Join Webinar link in the email. For some, this email ends up in their spam folder. For some, it arrives too late to join (for example - the person registers right before the live webinar begins and the email doesn't arrive for a while). And for others, the email never arrives for some reason. We've even had to tell some users to call GoToWebinar to ask if their email address is on GoToWebinar's 'bounce list' and ask for it to be removed.

Still, hundreds, even thousands of you make it to the live webinars with no problems. But for the smaller percentage of you that might experience one of the challenges above, this tool solves the problem. Yay! :)

How to use it

When the live webinar is scheduled to begin, simply visit the home page at and, when the countdown reaches zero, click on the orange Join webinar in progress button. 


Fill in your name and email address, and in no time you'll be an attendee at the live webinar. That's it!

Time Zone

And if you ever wonder what the start time is in YOUR time zone, well, you never have to wonder because the time is always displayed in your local time (as long as your computer clock is set to the correct time zone).


It worked!

We silently launched the new tool this week just before Tuesday's webinar. While Daniel was speaking I was monitoring it and noticed that it was working brilliantly! Folks who had not registered previously were joining the live webinar in progress. I asked one of them about their experience afterwards who replied:

"Hi Geoff, Yes, it went very smoothly, and I REALLY appreciate this new ability. In the past, if I was late joining I had to send you an E-Mail asking for the link, which was quite a nuisance.  This worked very well and, of course, Daniel (as always) gave a great presentation." - Murray

So a big thanks to the MyHeritage engineering and development teams for supporting our webinar series! To some, this might be a little thing, but it's the little things that I try to make perfect, for they make a BIG difference.


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