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Ransomware and your computer - free replay of today's webinar by Andy Klein now available for limited time


The recording of today's webinar by BackBlaze.com's Andy Klein, "Ransomware and your computer" is now available to view at www.FamilyTreeWebinars.com for free for a limited time.

Webinar Description

Ransomware is a form of malware (malicious software) that encrypts a victim’s files so they cannot be accessed. The attacker then demands that the victim pay a ransom in order to have access to their files restored. Maybe, you’ve heard about ransomware in the news and thought it was a business problem, but in truth over 75% of ransomware attacks are aimed at individuals and small businesses. Why, because you are easy targets. Learn more about ransomware and what you can do about before it strikes, and if you are attacked how you can recover.

View the Recording at FamilyTreeWebinars.com

If you could not make it to the live event or just want to watch it again, the 1 hour 18 minute recording of "Ransomware and your computer" is now available to view in our webinar library for free for a limited time.

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