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Travel back in time with MyHeritage's new AI Time Machine™ - Geoff's Review

Time travel is my favorite medium. I love its books. Back to the Future is my favorite movie trilogy. Sometimes I have dreams about my ancestors. I'd love to put aside my computer and phone and visit some of history's greatest moments. While it likely won't happen in my lifetime, if ever, there's a new next best thing.

With MyHeritage's latest innovation - AI Time Machine™ - you can now see how you might have looked as a historical figure throughout the ages. It's really quite remarkable, and looks and feels authentic. You have to see it to believe it.


Here's me as a Greek God, Viking, Renaissance Scholar, Pirate, Nobleman, and a 1970s hippie.


The technology is incredible! Nothing looks "photoshopped". I quite like some of these hair styles. I just might bring a few of them to my next haircut appointment. Notice the small AI icon in the lower left - per MyHeritage's commitment to responsible AI, watermarks are added to all images to distinguish them from authentic photos.

Here's my wife as a 1930s British Lady, 1970s Hippie, Egyptian Queen, WWII Nurse, 1920s, Rainforest Tribe Member. I hope I'm still married after she see these. Isn't she beautiful though??!!


Getting Started and Cost

It's really simple to get started. Visit Then upload 10-25 photos of the same person. In 20-30 minutes you'll get an email with a link to view the results. AI Time Machine™ is currently available on the MyHeritage website and via mobile web browser.

The feature is free at launch for a limited introductory period (with a limit of one model and 50 themes per user, for a total of 400 images), following which it will become a paid feature. So if you're not yet a MyHeritage subscriber, get started right away. Users with a MyHeritage Complete plan will enjoy a higher usage quota at no additional cost. More details to come.

What will I do with this?

My Mom just came in the room and absolutely loved this! Then she asked, "so what will you do with these?" It's a good question. For now I'll have fun and probably update my Facebook profile a few times. Maybe I could frame them for a fun wall display. Or create ornaments for the tree. I could even create an entire photo album and convince my kids that their parents are real time travelers. Now that'd be fun. I think that is what this is all about - having fun enjoying history together.

Learn More

Read more about AI Time Machine™ on MyHeritage's blog.


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