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Top 10 genealogy webinars PLUS the #1 rated — September 2023


We've tallied the numbers and made a list of the Top 10 most-watched classes for September 2023! Are your favorite topics or instructors among the list? Need something new to learn? Use the list to get inspired!

Each month thousands of Legacy Family Tree Webinar subscribers head for the library to learn new skills and techniques to help improve their genealogy research. Among the now-2,075 genealogy classes in the members-only library, these were the most watched during the month of September 2023.  They aren't necessarily the newest classes but rather the topics that were sought out by our members.

Have you seen any of these classes? Are these among your favorites too? Some of these classes (and topics) might be new to you! Get inspired to learn more and make your genealogy journey more fun!

The Top 10 for September 2023

1. Using Negative Evidence: The Power of Silence in the Records by Elizabeth Shown Mills, CG, CGL

2. Turning Witnesses into Evidence by Elizabeth Shown Mills, CG, CGL

3. Y DNA Discover Tool - What News Can Your Haplogroup Reveal? by Roberta Estes

4. Case Study: Finding My 3rd Great Grandfather: How X-DNA Led the Way by Mary Eberle, JD

5. Connecting Generations through Probate and Property by Teri E. Flack, M.A. (Public History), M.B.A.,

6. Life Cycle of a Record: From Clerks and Clerics to You The Digital User by Cyndi Ingle

7. So, You Think You Know All About City Directories? by Paula Stuart-Warren, CG, FMGS, FUGA

8. DNA Matchmaking Made Easy on MyHeritage by Shannon Combs-Bennett

9. Understanding Predicted Relationships at the DNA Testing Sites by Michelle Leonard

10. Following Oral History in search of William Davis but finding Mildred Brand: A Case Study by Dr. Shelley Viola Murphy

The Runner-Ups

11. 10 Places to Search for An Ancestor's Death Date... Without a Death Certificate by Elizabeth Swanay O’Neal

12. Follow the Trail of Records and DNA from Ireland to Oregon (1810-1860) by Karen Stanbary, MA, LCSW, CG®, BCG Trustee

13. What Happened to Uncle Walter? Evidence Analysis and Correlation Uncover a Man's Dual Identities by Sharon Hoyt, CG

14. Finding John Lee by Nicka Smith

15. Explore Your Ancestors' Names in the MyHeritage 'Newspaper Name Index' by James M. Beidler

16. 3-2-1 data backup is great but first you need to find all of your data by Thomas MacEntee

17. Hidden Roots in Your DNA: Adoptee Success & Surprise Discoveries by Richard Hill

18. Genealogy Escape Room: The Case of the Only Name Change at Ellis Island by Thomas MacEntee

19. Problem Solving in the Problem-Riddled Carolina Backcountry by Elizabeth Shown Mills, CG, CGL

20. Even More 50 Mostly "Hot off the Press" Net Sites You Want to Check Out by Diane L Richard, MEng & MBA

The 2nd Runner-Ups

21. Setting Sail with Your Seafaring Ancestors by Denise E. Cross, MSLIS, CG

22. 10 Things To Do Before Leaving a Library or Archives by Melissa Barker

23.Hidden Treasure in New England Town Records by Ann G. Lawthers, Sc.D.

24. Diving into the Newly Released 1931 Canada Census by Mike Mansfield

25. Power of place – using MyHeritage to tell the stories of buildings & places by Rhonda Lauritzen

26. How to Catch a Criminal: Finding Records for Your Rogue Relatives Downunder by Kristy Love, PhD

27. Capturing their Stories: Best Practices for Recording Family History Interviews by Colleen Robledo Greene, MLIS

28. Following a Quaker Family: New Jersey to Iowa the Long Way Around by Annette Burke Lyttle

29. A Revolutionary War Case Study: Joseph L. Harper by Craig R. Scott, MA, CG, FUGA

30. Worth More than Gold or Silver - MyHeritage's U.S. Naturalization Records Northern California 1852-1989 Collection by Sharon Monson

Access to classes in the Legacy Family Tree Webinar library are available with an webinar membership. Not a member? Become one! Or watch one of our free classes here.

The #1 rated webinar in September 2023

After each live webinar, viewers rate the webinar on a scale of 1 to 5 (5 being the highest). This month's #1 rated webinar is:

So, You Think You Know All About City Directories? by Paula Stuart-Warren, CG, FMGS, FUGA

Congrats to Paula!


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