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Ron Arons, R.I.P.

RonArons-new-400x400Our genealogy world is sad today after hearing of the sudden passing of Ron Arons. Not only was Ron the guy in prison clothes at genealogy conferences, he also had the biggest smile in the room. He was kind, intelligent, and a friend.

I remember Ron's first webinar with us, Putting Flesh on the Bones. It was different than any previous webinar. It didn't contain the usual list of websites to check, or a step-by-step tutorial on using some kind of tech. It was a case study. I think it was our first case study. I remember the audience wondering when he would get to the "good stuff". By the end, they were commenting how they could apply his techniques to their own research. Some of their comments:

"Gives me the inspiration to look further into my ancestors lives!"

"Delightful case study, loved the sense of humor!"

"Entertaining story!"

"It's opened up many more avenues for me to check out."

"This webinar gives me hope."

"I learned so much and laughed so much, too."

"I was enthralled with every twist and turn which Ron presented on this part of his family."

"Loved it! A nice departure from the usual fare - and I learned a few things."

"What an entertaining person Ron is. This was informative and hilarious and everything all in one! I enjoyed it tremendously."

Ron was like this in real life—inspiring, delightful, and entertaining. We will miss this. We will miss him. We are better because we knew him.


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I'll miss Ron very much. It was always a good time to meet up with him at various genealogy conferences and meetings across the US.

Loved Ron
Not close but he inspired me in many ways. Rip Ron

Very sorry to learn of my old high school friend's death. He was great about reaching out across the years, in his professional life and as a friend.

A Fellow Black Sheep Genealogist
I was stunned at the news that Ron died on January 10th. I met Ron at the NGS Conference in Salt Lake City in May of 2010. We bonded over our Black Sheep research and ancestors. We were long distance contacts but jovial friends. I will miss him dearly.

Shocked and sadden by the loss of my friend Ron. I’ve known him for 30 plus years and he was a mensch in the truest sense of the word. Gifted, talented, gregarious and highly intelligent! Funny and dedicated to his craft. I will miss him dearly.

I am so sorry to have learned about Ron's sudden death. He was amazingly generous with his talents and time, and regularly shared his skills with me and with the Jewish Genealogy community. I enjoyed his entertaining presentations, commitment to the many groups and people who he touched, and wonderful sense of humor.

He will be missed.

I met Ron when he was in the midst of his research about Isaac (Joseph) Spier who was also MY great grandfather!!
We met in Paris and kept in touch via internet.
I was about to write to him when I shockingly read about his sudden death.
I am very sad.

I knew Ron a little at Princeton (we were both in the Class of 1978) but got to know him a lot better after we graduated, as he was active in both Princeton class events and in recognition of Princeton Jewish life.

In late August or September, he must have read my story in the Jewish Journal ( about whether Princeton had returned to its antisemitic ways, as he woke me and my wife up at 8AM telling me how great it was.

I miss hearing his voice and talking to him about girls and genealogy already.

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