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The new Legacy Family Tree 10 is here — and it’s all free


Your favorite genealogy software for PC just got better. And…it’s all FREE!

With the new Legacy Family Tree 10, you’ll discover more ancestors, be more organized, and display them in more ways than ever before. All features, tools, and reports previously available only in the Deluxe Edition are now included for free in Legacy 10.


Watch the “What’s New in Legacy 10 video here.

Here’s what’s new:

FAN Club Report

You’ve learned how important family, friends, associates, and neighbors (FAN) are in solving genealogy mysteries. The records that were created about other people in the course of their daily lives just might mention our ancestors. Legacy 10 helps identify who those Fan Club members are based on the shared events you’ve already added. Not only does the report display the people you’ve linked to your ancestor, it also displays others who have locations that match or are nearby the places your ancestor lived, during your ancestor’s lifespan. You might not have thought to look in their records if it wasn’t for Legacy 10’s FAN Club report.


Reports! So many new reports.

You’ve always loved the Ancestor Book report, but you’ve also wanted to produce a true Ahnentafel report. Well, it’s now available in Legacy 10! (Reports > Ancestor Book > Quick Options Box > Ahnentafel Report)

Ancestor Book – Names/Lifespans Only report. This is your traditional Ancestor Book report, but condensed. It’s a quick way to see just the ahnentafel number, name, birth and death years for each individual. (Reports > Ancestor Book > Quick Options Box > Names/Lifespans Only)


Speaking of Ahnentafel, there is now a Use Ahnentafel Numbers option on the Pedigree chart. We know…it’s such a little thing…but it’s the little things that you’ve always loved about Legacy. We do too.


The new Surname Groups report shows a list of all the surnames in the ancestor lines of a root individual (usually you) and shows how many separate groups of those surnames have been found. From that list, you can select any surname and Legacy 10 will generate a report showing the line of ascent from you to the start of each of the groups of that surname. You’ve gotta see it to believe it! (Reports > Other Reports)

Some of you have wanted to “print” the Family View. We’ve added that ability, too. (Reports > Chart Reports > Family View Chart)


See your ancestor’s place on a Google Map. New in v10, from Legacy’s Geo Location Database, click the new Map button and Google Maps will launch with your place’s pin right in the middle. This is right next to one of my favorite buttons – the radius search button (get a list of all nearby places). Some of you will think this is new, but it’s been there forever. 😊

BillionGraves Support

Link your ancestor to their BillionGraves record. You won’t have to search for their record again. One click and you’re there.


Color Coding

One of your favorite tools just got better. You’ve probably used Legacy’s Color Coding to match your filing system, to just stay organized on the screen, or to print cool charts. If so, you already know that you can have two starting points – one set of colors for you and another for your spouse. The two sets of colors can now (finally!) be shown on your Pedigree Charts, making it easy to know if your two lines intersect.



If you love the QuickAccess icons, you’ll love it twice as much now! We’ve increased the number of QuickAccess icons on the ribbon bar from 10 to 20.


DNA Center – this new tool helps you keep track of everyone in your family who has taken a DNA test. 

FamilySearch - we’ve upgraded our FamilySearch tools to use FamilySearch’s latest OAuth login technologies. To continue using these tools, you must be using Legacy 10.

It’s all free!

And now for the biggest new v10 feature: everything, and we mean everything in Legacy is now free! No strings attached. All previously deluxe-edition-only features, tools, and reports are now included in Legacy 10. This includes customer favorites, such as:

  • Wall Charts – no limitations in the Ancestor, Descendant, DNA, Fan, Hour Glass, and Bow Tie charts
  • Research Guidance – Legacy’s artificial intelligence system before AI was a thing. It will create your ancestor’s To Do List for you
  • Chronology – any serious researcher knows how important a timeline is. Legacy even includes a bunch of historical timelines you can embed into your ancestor’s timeline
  • And so much more – the Descendant View, the 1,200+ questions in the Interview Questions report, the Publishing Center, Hashtags, and everything else is available with no limits

Why is it free? We want more people than ever before to have complete access to the world’s best genealogy software. Maybe, just maybe, this will be the “thing” that finally gets Aunt Elda or cousin Bob to start building their own tree. Which means – you’re no longer the only genealogy nut in the family. And when they’re ready for a little help – our free webinars about using Legacy are waiting for them.


Why are you making Legacy free?

We want more people than ever before to have complete access to the world’s best genealogy software. This will make it easier for you to work with other members of your family.

Will Legacy continue to be updated?

Yes. You already know that we are genealogists too. We also love to code. It’s a win-win for everyone.

PLUS, so many more “little things”

It’s the little things that make Legacy the right choice for your genealogy software. Most of the new features below are minor and you’ll probably never notice. But for those of you interested in what else we’ve done lately, here you go:

  • SourceWriter templates are now available for Canada's 1926 Prairie Provinces census, Canada's 1931 census, and Scotland's 1921 census
  • Chronology View now shows locations and notes for vital events without a date.
  • Added an option to the Master Source List to turn on and off the Show Template IDs in the list.  It also shows which sources are Basic.
  • Increased Recent Family File list from 10 to 20.
  • Added AND and OR to the Hashtag search feature.
  • The Advanced Tagging screen now also lets you add and remove Hashtags from groups of individuals.
  • You can now choose whether newly added media should be automatically tagged or not.
  • You can now globally tag or untag all media items that have been linked into your family file.
  • Hashtags can now be exported to GEDCOM files as Events. This makes them importable into other programs that don't support Hashtags.
  • In the Media Gallery and QuickLook screen, you can now click the path of any item and open the folder location.
  • Added option to not show any tags on the Name List.
  • URL links in notes, stories, sources, and event text fields can now be highlighted and will open in a browser.
  • URL links in notes, stories, sources, and event text fields are now converted to active links in web pages.
  • Hashtags can now be marked as Private and excluded from Legacy and GEDCOM exports.
  • "Estimated" has now been added as a user-definable date prefix.
  • The Available Toolbar Buttons list on the Customize Toolbar window is now alphabetized to make it easier to locate buttons.
  • Added a new Clear option to the Customize Toolbar window.
  • When selecting individuals on the Relationship Calculator, you can now choose to enter a RIN, choose from the Name List, or choose from the Search List.
  • Added a Source Clipboard button to the My Toolbar list.
  • Added a FindMyPast button to the My Toolbar list.
  • A Bibliography format override tab has now been added to the Basic Master Source window. (It was previously only on the SourceWriter window.)
  • The Primary and Secondary Cause of Death fields now keep track of the last ten causes for quick entry.
  • GEDCOM Export options are now optionally remembered between sessions.
  • GEDCOM Export option sets can now be saved and loaded so you can switch between them.
  • Support for WikiTree IDs has been added (viewing, reports, import/export).
  • Distance and Bearing Calculator now lets you load locations from the master location list.
  • GEDCOM Import now has new options to not include Source media, Location media, Event media, and Story media.
  • GEDCOM Import now has a new option to place unrecognized information into either the General Notes or Research Notes.
  • Markers from DNA tests from previous versions of Legacy are now added to the test's comments for the appropriate individuals.


  • Added [field] selector feature to book report menus
  • Added the Calendar List report as an available chapter in the Publishing Center.
  • Family Group Report and Individual Chart Report - added Age at Death option.
  • Added the ability in a Book Report to configure the sequence of Stories, Events, and Notes.
  • Added [field] selector feature to book report menus.
  • Marriage List Report - added a CSV output option.
  • Finished up option 3.10, Hide Christening/Baptism field.
  • Added new options for including numbers (AFN, BillionGraves, FamilySearch, FindAGrave, and UserID) at end of names or paragraphs.
  • Descendant chart report has a new option to remove blank lines.
  • Allow "Include Gender" as an option on all reports.
  • Added Report footer disclaimer feature.
  • Added the option to exclude surnames to the Calendar Creator and Calendar List Reports
  • Added the option to show surname in uppercase to the Calendar Creator
  • Latitude/Longitude coordinates can now be included on Address reports.
  • The Calendar List now has a "both individuals must be living" option for Anniversaries.
  • Hashtag groups can now be included on reports
  • Hashtags can now be marked as Private and excluded from reports.
  • Added Marriages Only option to Marriage report.
  • Added name breakdown option to Marriage report if outputting to a CSV file.
  • Nametags can be sorted into several different orders.
  • Added Special Characters feature to Book Report menus.
  • Added formatting buttons to Report Wording tabs.
  • Added Marriage ID number support to reports.
  • Ancestor Chart now has the option to show Ahnentafel numbers instead of generation numbers.
  • The Calendar List report now offers new name formats and the use of quoted names. Also, it now offers the option to only include anniversaries if both individuals are living.
  • The Calendar Creator report now has the option to only include first names.
  • Pedigree Chart can be colored by both Mary Hill Ancestor color groups at the same time.
  • When printing stories for an individual from the Stories window, you can now include sources. If printing all stories (as opposed to one), you can include or exclude stories marked as "Private."
  • Marriage status, child status, and relationship to father and mother are now translated when choosing to print a report in a different language.
  • More control over when event notes are included on reports.
  • Location Index now has the option to include location pictures.
  • Location Report now has the option to include location pictures.
  • Family Group Records, Individual reports, and all book reports now have the option to include marriage pictures.
  • Marriage status, child status, and relationship to father and mother are now options to include on Descendant Chart reports.
  • Individual chart reports can now include marriage events.
  • Individual chart reports can now include marriage notes for other spouses.
  • Scrapbook and Photo Albums can now be generated using Hashtags.
  • Family Group Record can now include marriage notes for other spouses - either inline or at the end of the report.
  • New CSV file output option for the Location Report.
  • Name/Search List report can now include vital notes (birth, chr, death, burial).


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I currently have Legacy 9, how do I upgrade to Legacy 10?
Every time I open Legacy 9 I'm told that I have the latest version
Alan Godfery
New Zealand

Hi Alan - download Legacy 10 here:

I have the Deluxe edition of Legacy 9. I have version Before I download Legacy 10, I want to be sure that it is compatible with the Legacy that I have and that I won't lose any of the Deluxe features. I love all the features that I have and do not want to lose any of them.
Thank you very much for the Legacy software. It is the best, in my opinion.

Harold - Legacy 10 will include all deluxe features. There is no longer a differentiation between standard and deluxe features.

I'm loving it! Relationships right now are my favorite. It lists in-laws as well as steps!! Best part you don't have to go looking for it!
So far, so good.

"Free" is nice, but we all know that nothing is truly free.

How will you be funding the continued development and support of Legacy Family Tree going forward?

Is Legacy 10 able to run natively on Linux, as a Linux package?

Bret - see the system requirements here:

Am I able to run Legacy on my new MacBook Air?

TP - we've further addressed this in this posts on Facebook this week: and

Philicia - see the system requirements here:

How does all the information I have collected over 20 years which is on the older Legacy, travel to the new programme?

It would be nice to have the ability to change a color within each family line. Like when all the temple work is done and I am satisfied with my sources (that person is complete) then I would change their color to one that tells me they are done. Could the next version of Legacy include that feature?

Two questions please:
Can I still use MasterSource, which I much prefer, instead of SourceWriter?
Will I be able to upload my tree to Families on my smart Android cell phone?

Since the ability to sync Legacy with MyHeritage didn't make it, is there any backdoor convoluted way to use Legacy to update an out of date tree on MyHeritage?

Are there any features of Legacy 10 that require unlocking for a cost?

Peter - no, everything is available for free in Legacy 10.

Robert - you could replace your existing tree on MyHeritage, but then you'd lose your existing matches. I personally prefer to manually update my tree at MyHeritage. When I add something to my Legacy, I also add it to my tree at MyHeritage.

Darlene - yes, the basic source system can still be used. Regarding the Families app - I read from the app author that yes, it will import a v10 file, but he is still working on the app that syncs the two.

Julia - you can do this with tagging. Turn tagging on with option 1.5 in the preferences.

Karen - after installing Legacy 10, it prompts to convert the 9 to 10, and then opens in 10. Make a backup before upgrading is always good practice.

I am trying to display the relationship between me and the person I have selected. Is he/she a 1st cousin 2 times removed? I have this type of information when I use The Master Genealogist, but can't seem to find how to display this information in Legacy 10. Can you help me?

Patrick - this is found at Tools > Calculators > Relationship.

V. 10 looks out of this world! Can't wait to get it up and running!!

Can I download load a tree from Ancestry? And how many separate trees can I run in this program?

Enid - yes, you can import your Ancestry tree into Legacy. For step-by-steps, follow steps 1-6 at Then, import the GEDCOM into Legacy. You can have as many separate trees as you need within Legacy.

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