Genealogy Crossword: Webinar Fun Facts

Who doesn't like a good crossword puzzle? Combine that with genealogy and you've got a fun, quick activity to pass the time. 


Click here to print the crossword with the clues. The answers are found at the bottom of the document.

1. Learn about Microsoft _____ in the 11-class series by Thomas MacEntee
3. Blaine _____ is the presenter of the 5-class Foundations of DNA series
6. The _____ series is held the first Wednesday of each month at noon Sydney time
8. Includes short 2-10 minute videos that answer a tech question
13. Got Irish ancestors? Learn from John _____ in the 12-class Foundations of Irish research series
15. "Life is short, do _____ first!"
16. $49.95/year is a _____ for a webinar membership
17. True/False - webinar members have anytime, unlimited access to 5,000+ syllabus pages

2. Surname of the webinar series founder
4. Webinar series founded in 20___
5. Available in _____ languages
7. Today, more than twelve _____ webinars are available on-demand
9. Closed _____ was added to webinar recordings beginning in 2019
10. Got _____ ancestors? Learn from Paul Milner's 6 classes on this geographic topic.
11. An Introduction to DNA _____ is the most-watched webinar ever
12. Webinar members can add webinar recordings to their _____ to view later
14. Geoff's capable co-host

Tuesday's Tip - Highlighting Multiple Locations

  TT - Highlighting Multiple Locations

Tuesday's Tips provide brief how-to's to help you learn to use the Legacy Family Tree software with new tricks and techniques.

Highlighting Multiple Locations

One of the beta testers posted on this recently in response to a question someone asked. I thought this would make a good tip of the day.

Let's say you want to make a list of everyone that uses Lamar County, Mississippi. I am going to sort the Location List by state then county then town so that all the Lamar County locations sort together. I can then highlight all of the locations using the Windows command CTRL (hold the button down) and then select the locations using the mouse.

Over on the right only the people using the LAST location will show up in the box and this is where people get a bit confused. To see ALL of the people for ALL of the highlighted locations you need to go to OPTIONS > SHOW LIST.

You can now Tag Everyone in List or you can Create Search List.




Find tech tips every day in the Facebook Legacy User Group. The group is free and is available to anyone with a Facebook account.

For video tech tips checkout the Legacy Quick Tips page.  These short videos will make it easy for you to learn all sort of fun and interesting ways to look at your genealogy research.

Michele Simmons Lewis is part of the technical support team at Millennia, the makers of the Legacy Family Tree software program. With over 20 years of research experience, Michele’s passion is helping new genealogists get started on the right foot through her writings, classes and lectures. She is the former staff genealogist and weekly columnist for the McDuffie Mirror and now authors Ancestoring, a blog geared toward the beginner/intermediate researcher.


Legacy Crossword: October 13, 2008



1. The name of the tab in Legacy Charting to print your wall charts
6. One of the 2009 Legacy Cruise ports
7. Millennia's founder, president, and programmer
8. Displays a list of unlinked "trees" in your family file
9. Millennia's vice-president and programmer


2. Follows industry standards for citing sources
3. Legacy's Research __________ creates a checklist of sources for you to search
4. Legacy's initial version number
5. Legacy's current version number
8. # of years Legacy has been available

Click on the image below for the solution:


Legacy Crossword: May 12


2. __________ Manager Suite organizes your photographs and other multimedia
5. Quickly compares your family file with another family file for possible matches
6. Software for viewing Legacy on a Pocket PC: _____ Genealogist

1. Legacy Charting __________ creates fan, hourglass, and bow tie charts
3. Creates large wall charts from your Legacy family files
4. Software for viewing Legacy on a Palm device

Click on the image below for the solution:


Legacy Crossword: January 30


3. This view in Legacy displays a person's timeline
5. 9 are available in Legacy Deluxe, only 3 are available in Legacy Standard
7. Short for Weblog
8. Name showing descent from a given person

1. Latin term signifying a copy reads exactly as the original
2. Publication of an intended marriage
4. A woman married to a "gentleman"
6. Mother's sister

Click on the image below for the solution:


Legacy Crossword: November 24


1. Destination of the Legacy Cruise 2006
4. A person who blogs
5. Legacy is currently being translated into _____ languages
7. Anchored off the tip of Cape Cod on November 11, 1620

2. Millennia's email support specialist
3. Add-on that creates graphical timelines
6. Legacy's initial release was version _____

Click on image below for the solution:


Legacy Crossword



4. Maximum entries in the history list
5. Timeline
7. A built-in tool to help you go to bed on time
8. Maximum # of children per marriage


1. Automatically assigned to each person
2. Evidence
3. Combine duplicates
6. The best genealogy program ever

Click on image below for the solution:


Genealogy Crossword: September 13

The following is from the Genealogy Daily Calendar, used with permission.


5. dying without a will
6. Missouri’s state abbreviation
7. a person taxable by law


1. these maps show boundaries that divide one political entity from another
2. two weeks
3. an e-mail sent to a large number of individuals without their consent
4. one of five civilized tribes

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