New webinar in the archives - Organize, Share, and Publish Your Digital Photos with Heritage Collector Suite

Last night's webinar, Organize, Share, and Publish Your Digital Photos with Heritage Collector Suite is now available in our webinar archives. Marlo Schuldt, developer of the Legacy Family Tree add-on software, gave us a fantastic overview of the software.

Listen to the recording here. The webinar will be available in the archives until at least December 3, 2010.

Marlo is also the author of The Digital Family History Guidebook.

Save 15% on Heritage Collector Suite until this Saturday

All live webinar attendees were given a special coupon code for 15% off Heritage Collector Suite and/or The Digital Family History Guidebook. The coupon heritage15 is valid through Saturday, November 6, 2010.

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Wednesday, December 1, 2010. Share Your Family History with Legacy Charting. Learn how to share and publish your family history, so everyone in the family can enjoy it. In this webinar, you will learn tips and tricks to using Legacy Family Tree's charting tools to create beautiful wall charts (for the next reunion), smaller trees (to hang on the living room wall), and even family tree bookmarks (makes great gifts). You will also learn how to include photos of your family add use your own images for the chart's background. Legacy Family Tree's Geoff Rasmussen and Generation Maps' Janet Hovorka will be the presenters.

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Wednesday, January 5, 2011. Google for Genealogists. Most genealogists are only using 10% or less of the resources behind Google when it comes to genealogy research. Learn from professional genealogist, Thomas MacEntee, about the other 90% and how these Google components can be leveraged for better search results. Google is more than just a search engine – it is a wealth of information much of which goes unnoticed by the average genealogist. Besides search, Google allows you to access maps, books, journals, abstracts, patents and much more. These components may be what is needed to make advances in your genealogy research.

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Are you ready for tomorrow's Heritage Collector Suite webinar?

Is your digital photo collection a mess? Can you find any photo in seconds? Want some tips on creating family calendars and scrapbooks? Don't miss our next webinar on one of Legacy Family Tree's add-on programs, Heritage Collector Suite. The software's developer will give us an overview of their photo organization software in tomorrow's webinar entitled, "Organize, Share, and Publish Your Digital Photos with Heritage Collector Suite."

If you have considered using the Heritage Collector Suite software, this is a great opportunity to see what it can do. As a Legacy add-on program, the software integrates with your photos in Legacy Family Tree. If you already use Heritage Collector Suite, you will benefit from the insider tips Marlo will surely provide.

Registration is free

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We will once again open the "lines" for your live questions. Wherever in the world you might be, if you have a microphone or headset, we can take your questions - live - for Marlo.


The live webinar will begin on Wednesday, November 3, 2010 at:

  • 9:00PM Eastern
  • 8:00PM Central
  • 7:00PM Mountain
  • 6:00PM Pacific
  • 1:00AM GMT (November 4)

To join the webinar, click on the link in your registration confirmation email. We suggest joining at least 15 minutes early.

Special Sale: $20 off on Legacy Add-On "Heritage Collector Suite"

Heritagecol Heritage Collector Suite is the Legacy Add-On software which organizes your digital photos, creates narrated slide-shows, publishes family photo books, and much more. For a limited time, save $20 on your purchase of Heritage Collector Suite.

Plus, Bonus Software Included

For the first time ever, the publisher of Heritage Collector Suite has authorized us to include all of the following add-on software at no additional charge:

  • Digital Family History Guidebook (over 200 pages, PDF) ($19.95 value)
  • Easy Scanning Interactive Tutorial ($14.95 value)
  • Storybook module ($9.95 value)
  • Heritage Collector Maps (GPS module) ($9.95 value)
  • Using Sound Interactive Tutorial ($9.95 value)

That's $64.75 of free software when you purchase Heritage Collector Suite today!

For more information, or to purchase, click the Buy Now button below.

Heritage Collector Suite 5.1 now available as a Legacy Family Tree add-on

Heritagecollector LifeStory Productions, Inc. announces the release of Legacy add-on, Heritage Collector Suite version 5.1.

Heritage Collector Suite provides everything you need in one program to organize, share, tell stories, backup / preserve, find photos in seconds, and more.

New features added to the 5.1 version include:

  • Create and share PDFs. Select from several image and information options.
  • Use the duplicate search tool to find and remove duplicate images to save hard drive space.
  • Batch convert and enhance old negative images to positives.
  • Share images and collections via e-mail.
  • Enlarge or zoom in on an image using the mouse wheel.
  • Drag and drop photos and images into collections.
  • Use the e-mail request system to receive files from others using Heritage Collector.
  • Batch assign information to a group of photos or records.
  • New photo enhancement tools.
  • Add frames and borders to photos.
  • More image conversion options and tools.
  • Crop and export to print option.
  • Batch resize image size and format.
  • Expanded and simplified search options.
  • Enhanced advanced slide show options – music, narration, special effects.
  • More options to create personalized jewel case inserts for CD/DVD cases.
  • Capture image / frame from DVDs and movies.
  • Capture slideshows and create TV/DVDs with included software.
  • Audacity sound editing software included. Capture sound from old cassettes.
  • International date format options.
  • Create additional family or individual databases.
  • Revised 200 page Digital Family History Guidebook in PDF.
  • New “How To” tutorial movies make it easy to learn and use the software.
  • Revised and expanded full color manual with screen captures. No computer jargon.
  • Updated and expanded Help resources.

Heritage Collector is a complete family history management system for all your family history files and resources. Create and share self-running CD/DVDs. The archive system saves hard drive space and helps you find photos on CD/DVDs. Install and run the program from an external hard drive attached to the USB port of another computer. Use GPS coordinates.

How to Purchase
For a limited time, save $20 by clicking here.

For more information, click here.

Free tutorials with Heritage Collector Suite purchase - special ends November 24, 2007

Purchase Heritage Collector Suite this week, November 19-24, 2007, and receive three new Heritage Collector Suite companion modules FREE:

  • Easier Scanning. an interactive tutorial – Get better scans, improve your scanning skills, tips, tricks and more. - $9.95 value
  • Using Sound – an interactive tutorial - Learn how to use sound, create narrations, convert old cassette tapes and much more - $9.95 value
  • Advanced Scrapbook Module – A perfect way to create and share a heritage scrapbook. Save time and money. New and very different. No photos to cut up and nothing else to buy. Not the traditional scrapbook. - $9.95 value

Purchase here.

About Heritage Collector Suite

  • Scan directly into collections for better organization
  • Import directly from your Digital Camera
  • Find Any File in seconds
  • Talking Photos can tell their own stories with sound
  • Hot Spots improve Photo Identification
  • Make simple or advanced slide shows with sound
  • Organize ALL your family history materials
  • Locate Photos and Places with GPS coordinates
  • Save drive space / find files - the Archive System
  • Complete Automatic Backup System
  • Mixed Media Collections - photo, video, text, sound
  • Automatically Create Self Running CDs and DVDs
  • No Frills Scrapbook Module - quick, easy and fun
  • Create shareable Family History Scrapbooks
  • Three programs for Novice, Beginner and Advanced users

For more information, click here.

To purchase, click here.

Take All Your Photos and Collections With You - But Leave Your Computer Home!

Heritagecol Our Legacy add-on, Heritage Collector, helps organize and publish your digital images. Its latest update (a free download for existing Heritage Collector users) has an exciting new feature.

The next time you travel to a reunion or visit relatives you can leave your computer home and still take all your photo collections and family history information with you on an external hard drive.

You can plug the external drive into the USB port of another computer and run the new version of Heritage Collector just as if you were running the program on your home computer or laptop and have access to ALL your collections and information.

How Is All This Possible?

Heritage Collector version 4.4 comes with a new feature that will automatically install a copy of Heritage Collector and copy all your photo collections on to an external hard drive of your choice.

Just imagine how easy and convenient it would be to go to a relative's home, plug in your external hard drive into their computer import photos and information directly into collections on your external hard drive. No CDs or DVDs to burn, just quickly copy right to your hard drive. Best of all you will be able to get important information about the photos from your relative so you can caption each photo while copying it to your drive.

When you return home you will be able to automatically copy and update your computer with all the new information you gathered. You can even use the external hard drive as a backup for extra security and peace of mind.

The new external hard drives are high capacity, USB-powered (no AC plug in required) and small enough to put into your shirt pocket. So the next time you travel or fly you will be able to leave your computer home and slip the hard drive into your pocket and not worry about theft or damage to your computer as you travel.

Have Some Fun!
Take your external hard drive to the next reunion or family gathering so you can show them slide shows, photos and share your photos and information with them.

If you make presentations, just plug in the hard drive and use the computer that is already set up for added ease and convenience.

Additional Features in version 4.4

  • Duplicate Photo Search
  • Enhanced Basic Scrapbook Features
  • Enhanced Advanced Slide Show Creator
  • Search and Locate Photos Anywhere on Your Hard Drive
  • Map Spots with Audio Narration and Personalized Icons
  • Batch / Convert / Resize
  • Edit GPS Coordinate Locations
  • Free Updates and Newsletters

More Information

For more information on Heritage Collector, please click here.

Dfh2t Digital Family History Guidebook - FREE w/purchase

All the rules and "mine fields" for digital imaging. Learn about easier scanning, using sound, digital cameras, video and GPS, making digital scrapbooks, creating hard-bound books, preservation & archiving, and more more. Yours free with your Heritage Collector purchase. A $19.95 value. Click here for more information.