How to Create a Panorama

Using Legacy Charting, I've created a nice descendancy wall chart of my parents, showing off their kids and grandkids. At 59 1/2" wide, it's fairly wide and will make a nice piece of artwork for the wall, especially if I choose the matte canvas paper type in the Order Options.

Every chart needs a nice background - a picture of the mountains, a nice sunset, or something meaningful to the family. The problem with adding a background picture to a wide chart is that it may appear stretched or pixelated because the dimensions of the chart are wider than the digital picture.

To solve this problem, you can create a panorama, or a very wide picture. Follow these steps:

  1. Bring your digital camera to a scenic location. You'll get the best scenic pictures by joining us on the 2009 Mediterranean and Greece cruise. (I just had to get that in somehow!)
  2. Using your camera, take 6 or 7 pictures of the scenery. Just pan to the right for each subsequent picture, making sure to overlap between 25-50 percent of the previous picture.
  3. Photo editing software will then stitch together all of the pictures, creating a wide panorama.

On our 2008 cruise to Europe, one of the countries we visited was Estonia. Here, we found a beautiful spot that overlooked the entire city of Tallinn. I wanted to remember the entire view, not just the small view my camera offered. I took six pictures, panning a little to the right each time. Using Photoshop Elements 6.0, I created a panorama using these steps:

  1. In the Organizer part of the software, I highlighted all six pictures, then clicked on File > New > Photomerge Panorama.
  2. Click on the Add Open Files button, and click OK.
  3. Photoshop Elements then stitched all of the pictures together into a smooth panorama. After cropping it just a bit, the picture was over 200 inches wide - well wide enough for a good background for my chart.
  4. Save the image to your hard drive.

To add the panorama as a background in Legacy Charting, follow these simple steps:

  1. In Legacy Charting, click on the Appearance tab, then click on the Background button.
  2. Click on Select Image, and locate the image.
  3. Change the Display Options to "Stretch to Frame".
  4. Adjust the Transparency slider until the chart looks great.

Print or Order the chart
So the chart now looks great on your monitor, but it will look even better hanging on the wall. On the Publish tab in Legacy Charting, you can either Print the chart to your printer, Export the chart to a file that can be taken to your local printing store, Email the chart to your family, or Order the chart through Legacy's inexpensive chart printing service.

The best thing about our chart printing service is that when you click on the Order Chart button, in the right panel Legacy Charting displays the total cost of the chart based on your paper type, paper size, and quantity options you select. If the cost is a little higher than you want to pay, simply click on the Appearance tab, and using the Sizing button, make some sizing adjustments. The cost of the chart will automatically adjust too. This solves the problem of not knowing exactly how much the local printer store is going to charge you until you've given them your file.

When you're ready, just click on the Purchase Chart button, fill in your information, and in a short time, your chart will be delivered to your front door.

About Legacy Charting
The Legacy Charting software is included at no extra cost with the Legacy Family Tree deluxe software. The chart seen below was created with the free Standard edition of Legacy. The only limitation in the free Standard edition of Legacy Charting is the number of generations, which is limited to four.


Legacy's Wall Chart Printing Service Is Now Available

We're excited to announce that our new Wall Chart Printing service is now ready to go! With just a few clicks in the new Legacy Charting software, your custom designed chart can be ordered for delivery to your front door.

Chartorder_4Legacy Charting, which is included with the new Legacy Family Tree 7.0, includes 18 different styles of wall charts, including ancestor, descendant, DNA, fan, hour glass, and bow tie charts. Each chart can be fully customized and can include full color pictures, custom text boxes, and even your own digital pictures for the background. Charts can be printed on regular white paper, or you can choose beautiful photo glossy paper, or even have it printed on matte canvas.

To order your chart, in Legacy Charting, click on the Publish tab, then click on the Order Chart button. Here you can select your paper type and quantity. With an Internet connection, Legacy Charting will display the total price of the chart based on the size and selected options. No more wondering what the cost of the chart will be when you are ready to purchase it. If the displayed cost is a little out of range, just change the size of the boxes on the Appearance tab and the chart cost will automatically be adjusted.

ChartoptionsDownload the free update

To purchase a chart from within Legacy Charting, you will need to download/install the latest update, recently released. Follow these steps to get the update:

  1. Open Legacy Charting, and click on the Tips & Updates tab.
  2. In the Updates section, click on the link to install the update and follow the prompts.

The next time you run Legacy Charting, you will be able to purchase your chart.

Sample Charts

See for examples of charts that can be created with Legacy Charting. If you do not yet have Legacy 7.0, visit for more information. The standard edition of Legacy Charting (limited to 4 generations at a time) is available for free download at

Legacy Charting - important update instructions

This message is important to read only if you at any time installed the pre-release edition of Legacy Charting AND you installed Legacy 7.

Important Update Instructions:

As you may know, Legacy Charting's Pre-Release Edition will expire on June 15, 2008. When you installed Legacy 7.0 Deluxe edition, Legacy was supposed to "override" the Pre-Release edition of Legacy Charting with the Deluxe edition of Legacy Charting. didn't. We've identified the small glitch and have corrected it.

Therefore, if you installed both the Pre-Release Edition of Legacy Charting AND you installed Legacy 7.0 Deluxe Edition, you will need to download a special update.

Before June 15

If you do this before June 15, all you need to do is open Legacy Charting, click on the Tips & Updates tab, and click on the button in the Updates section to download and install the new update.

June 15 or after

If you do this on or after June 15, when you try to run Legacy Charting, you will receive a message that directs you to the Legacy Charting website. There you will find a link to download the update.

Legacy Charting - New Update Now Available - Pre-Release version 7.0.094

A new update to Legacy Charting Pre-Release edition is now available for free download. Below is a list of the new additions and minor fixes.


  • Added the ability to display the Prefix and Suffix fields for names
  • Added DPI control for exported file types (50 DPI to 600 DPI)


  • The sort order of children now follows Legacy's sort order
  • Fixed sizing problems with PDf and export file types
  • In some Fan Charts, there was missing information for individuals. Fixed.
  • Fixed some problems with backgrounds and memory leaks. Should run even faster now.
  • Fixed some printing issues.

How to Download the update

To update to the latest version of Legacy Charting Pre-Release edition:

  1. Open Legacy Charting and click on the Tips & Updates tab in the upper right.
  2. In the upper left, click on the Download New Update Now link.

If you haven't yet installed Legacy Charting Pre-Release edition...

Please visit

Legacy Charting Tip: Hiding Branches

Question from Ian:

Is there a way to delete specified branches when printing a chart? This would allow certain families to be printed, but ignore those of little interest for that particular chart.

Answer from Millennia:

Yes Ian, this is certainly possible. But only if you are using Legacy Family Tree. Say you want to create a Descendant Chart in Legacy Charting where the starting couple has ten children. Suppose you only want to show the descendants of children 1-4. Follow these steps to suppress children 5-10 from the chart.

  1. In Legacy, open the Individual's Information screen for children 5-10. In the lower right, mark the child as being "Private". Click Save and repeat for each child.
  2. Launch Legacy Charting. On the Home tab, click on the Privacy Options button, and place a check mark next to "Suppress private individuals". (See image below.)


Your Descendant Chart will now only show the descendants of children 1-4. To again show all children, simply deselect the "Suppress private individuals" option.

Legacy Charting - New Backgrounds Now Available

Legacy Charting, software that creates large-scale wall charts of your family tree, now has new background images available for free download.

Legacy Charting will be included with the soon-to-be-released Legacy Family Tree 7.0. This special pre-release edition of Legacy Charting is available for free download and will be fully functional through June 15, 2008. Download it here.

When you install Legacy Charting, it includes a collection of 40 background images and textures. We have now created a special Backgrounds page on the Legacy Charting website where you can download additional high-quality background images, or even contribute your own digital pictures to share with other "wall-charters".

Visit to download the new images or share yours with us.

How to add a background image to a chart

In Legacy Charting, follow these steps to add a background image:

  1. Click on the Appearance tab, then click on the Background button.
  2. Click on Select image, select your desired image, and click Open.
  3. In the Display Options, select your preferred option. Stretch to frame works well with larger images.
  4. Finally, adjust the transparency. Then click anywhere on the chart.

Descendant Chart (2 generations) without a background:


Descendant Chart (2 generations) with a background:


Legacy Charting - New Update Now Available - Pre-Release version 7.0.077

The release of our Legacy Charting Pre-Release edition has been a tremendous success. Hundreds of thousands have already begun their test drive. We have received many comments, suggestions, and even a few bug reports.

This free update of Legacy Charting resolves several reported issues and adds one of the features you have requested. We would like you to install this update and let us know how it goes.


  • Refresh Chart button. If you add/edit information in the original database (Legacy, FTM, PAF, etc.), just click on the Refresh Chart button and those changes will appear in your chart.



  • Fixed page update area in status bar when the user changes paper size.
  • Fixed feature to suppress private individuals
  • Fixed "Access violation at address 1B74295A in module "Dao360.dll"
  • Fixed "Out of Range" error in Tips & Updates section.
  • Fixed private options [[  ]] in individuals' names

Still to come

Thank you for all your suggestions of new functionality. We are listening and will implement your suggestions as Legacy Charting evolves. These are among the top requests:

  • Add the left-to-right Descendancy chart
  • Add the all-in-one chart
  • Add the option to not split boxes at page breaks
  • Add the Undo button
  • Suppress duplicate lines
  • Complete the chart ordering service
  • Option for short-location names
  • Improved "quoted" names
  • Many more...

How to Update

To update to the latest version of Legacy Charting Pre-Release edition:

  1. Open Legacy Charting and click on the Tips & Updates tab in the upper right.
  2. In the upper left, click on the Download New Update Now link.

If you haven't yet installed Legacy Charting Pre-Release edition...

Please visit

Legacy Charting Tip - How To Choose A Different Theme

Legacy Charting comes with a variety of different themes that you can apply to your chart. Each of the 18 different styles of charts can have a different look and feel by selecting a different theme.

A theme is composed of colors, box styles, backgrounds, page borders, box content, sizing, and more.

For example, the default theme for the standard Descendant chart looks like:


(click on image for larger view)

How to Choose a Different Theme

  1. Click on the Appearance tab.
  2. Click on the Themes button.
  3. Double-click on one of the Chart Themes.

Selecting the Mug Shot theme, the chart now looks like:


Now, add a background to the chart:

  1. On the Appearance tab, click on the Background button.
  2. Click on Select image.
  3. Locate any digital image on your computer, click Open, and adjust the transparency.

The resulting chart looks like:


It's never been easier to "show off" your family!

Download Legacy Charting

If you have not yet download the free pre-release edition of Legacy Charting, visit

Legacy Charting Pre-Release Edition Now Available For Free Download


New family tree charting software now available for download. Create ancestor charts, descendant charts, mother’s trees, father’s trees, fan charts, hourglass charts, bow tie charts, and DNA charts.

Download at:

BoxSurprise, AZ – March 4, 2008 – All genealogists are invited to take a free test drive of the newest wall chart software. Compatible with Family Tree Maker, Personal Ancestral File (PAF), Legacy Family Tree, RootsMagic, and GEDCOM files, Legacy Charting takes publishing your family tree to a new level.

Developed by the makers of the popular software, Legacy Family Tree, Legacy Charting adds new ways of seeing and printing your family relationships. Legacy Charting will be one of the new features with the soon-to-be-released Legacy Family Tree version 7, but until June 15, 2008, this special pre-release edition of Legacy Charting is freely available to everyone.

“Visualizing and printing large-scale family tree charts is something that all genealogists can appreciate,” says Millennia Corporation President, David Berdan. “These charts even get the non-genealogists of the family interested in learning about their heritage. Legacy Charting creates amazing charts, is incredibly flexible, and so easy to use. I believe it is the first genealogy software to create large-scale DNA charts to help DNA researchers. We invite everyone to take the pre-release for a test drive.”

Sample Charts
To see what the charts look like, visit

Key Features:

  • Creates 18 different types of family charts
  • All charts are easily customizable
  • Choose the number of generations to be displayed
  • Select the contents of each box
  • Pick from a variety of color themes, including the popular 4-color coding system
  • Select from a variety of beautiful backgrounds and page borders
  • Insert your own pictures and clipart
  • Easily email any chart to family members
  • Export to .pdf, .bmp, .jpg, .png, .tiff, .psd
  • Order a wall chart and have it delivered to your front door
  • Includes a thorough help reference system for easy reference

System Requirements:
Windows 98 or higher (including Vista); 20mb free hard disk space; 256mb RAM

FREE for the pre-release edition

Download now:

Millennia Corporation, based in Surprise, Arizona, is the producer of Legacy Family Tree and other software products.


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