Charting Companion 6 now available - 2 new dazzling charts!

It is a rare event when a new type of genealogy chart is introduced.
Progeny Genealogy, the makers of the popular Charting Companion software, is pleased to announce two new, unique, innovative ways of showing your family history: the Fractal Tree and the Dandelion Chart.


Fractal Tree

The Fractal Tree is an entirely new way to display your Ancestors. The Fractal Tree is more compact than other charts. A fractal is a natural phenomenon or a mathematical set that exhibits a repeating pattern that displays at every scale. A fractal is a self-similar geometric shape; each part of the shape is the same as the whole. 

How the Fractal Tree works: Start with a subject, René A. Clouthier, and a 2-generation Fractal Tree. Two boxes sprout horizontally. His father (Raoul) is in a box to the left, his mother (Jeanne) is in a box to the right.

2-generation Fractal TreeA 2-generation Fractal Tree

Add a third generation, including the grand-parents. The new boxes now sprout vertically. On the paternal side, Raoul's parents (Calixte & Honorine) are displayed. On the maternal side, Jeanne's parents (Thomas & Amanda) are displayed.

3-generation Fractal TreeA 3-generation Fractal Tree

Add a fourth generation, including the great-grand-parents. The new boxes now revert to sprouting horizontally.

4-generation Fractal TreeA 4-generation Fractal Tree

Five generations takes us to 31 people.

5-generation Fractal TreeA 5-generation Fractal Tree

You can go as far as you want. Here is a 9-generation Fractal Tree.

9-generation Fractal Tree (click to to enlarge)A 9-generation Fractal Tree (click to to enlarge)

By tiling the pages, you can assemble a chart of unlimited size from standard paper or A4. You can create a PDF of a single large page (36" x 72") and take it to a print shop for printing on a large printer. 

Dazzle your friends & relatives today with the Fractal Tree!

Click here to purchase for 34.95.

Dandelion Chart

The Dandelion Chart is an entirely new way to display your Ancestors. The Dandelion Chart spreads out in all directions, and includes the ancestors of the spouses, which allows you to include everyone in the family.

How the Dandelion Chart works: from the Subject, John F Kennedy, extend lines to parents and children.

In a Dandelion Chart, the nodes (people) are scattered to minimize cross-over of lines. The Dandelion can show Ancestors as well as Descendants. The advantage of the Dandelion is that it can show the parents and siblings of spouses, who are not in the bloodline.

Each black circle corresponds to a family. The red lines link the parents to the family, the black lines link children. In the example below, John F. Kennedy is a child in the family where Joseph P. Kennedy and Rose Fitzgerald are parents. JFK is a parent in the family that links to Jacqueline Bouvier (the other parent) and their children Caroline, John F. Jr. and Patrick.

Dandelion Chart

You can move the boxes around by clicking on them with the mouse, and dragging them

All the regular options are available: color by generation, lineage, gender, X-chromosome, bevel, gradient; font; event types, date format, etc.

Dandelion Chart

Animated Dandelion Chart

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Legacy Charting Companion 3.0 now available - new Embroidery Charts

Cc3Legacy Charting Companion 3.0’s new Embroidery Charts are as practical as they are fun. Now you can wear your family tree and attract the attention of possible relatives you’ve never met. (Legacy Charting Companion is a Legacy add-on product developed by Progeny Genealogy, not to be confused with Legacy Charting which is included with Legacy Family Tree.)

You can embroider two types of charts: Ancestor Fan, and Descendant Fan Charts. Format them in quarter-, half- or full-circle - your choice! The program can render up to 5 generations from your Legacy family file on any one Embroidery Chart and still preserve the legibility of lettering.

This is one more way that Legacy Charting Companion’s powerful family tree charting capabilities can bring your family history to life. You won’t find this feature in any other genealogy program.

How does it work? Dynamic Stitching File Format - DST

Cc4Legacy Charting Companion’s new Embroidery Chart feature generates a file format called "DST." This Dynamic Stitching file enables any commercial embroidery shop to satin stitch the chart you created on a T-shirt, vest - whatever you choose.

But you don’t need to worry about all that. Charting Companion makes it easy to create the file: you just send it off for processing. Check the Embroidery Shop Locator below to find a supplier near you.

If you happen to have a computer-compatible home sewing machine, lucky you. DST works with most machines, so you can do it yourself - or for others.

Highlights of Embroidery Charts

  • Family tree charts supported: Ancestor Fan and Descendant Fan Charts.
  • Formats supported: 90°, 180° or 360°
  • Number of generations per chart: up to 5 generations
  • Embroidery stitch utilized: satin stitch
  • File format generated: DST
  • Compatible with all commercial embroidery machines, as well as most computer-capable home sewing machines

How to Purchase Legacy Charting Companion

Visit for more information or to purchase for just $29.95.

If you already own Legacy Charting Companion, here's how to upgrade:

  • If you purchased within the last six months, you get a free upgrade to version 3.0. Contact Progeny Genealogy by phone or email here.
  • If you purchased within the last twelve months, you get a 40% discount. Contact Progeny Genealogy by phone or email here.

More information

To learn more about Legacy Charting Companion's other charts and features, click here.

Legacy Charting Companion - free update now available - adds Descendant Fan Chart

Legacy Charting Companion, a Legacy Family Tree add-on program developed by Progeny Genealogy, has a free update available to download. This update adds the industry's first and only Descendant Fan Chart plus a couple of other minor additions.

I love Fan Charts. They make it simple to visualize several generations of ancestors. A Descendant Fan Chart is similar, but instead of going back in time to display ancestors in the fan, it displays the descendants of the center person. Take a look at Asa Brown's Descendant Fan Chart below.

The half-circle (click on image to enlarge):


The full-circle:


Interesting, isn't it?

How to get the update

The new Descendant Fan Chart is included in Legacy Charting Companion 2.1.1 and later, and is available free for existing customers of this add-on software. (Legacy Charting Companion is different than the Legacy Charting which is inlcuded in Legacy.) To update, just click on the link in the email you received when you purchased the product. If you have questions, contact Progeny Genealogy's support at [email protected].

More information

For more information on Legacy Charting Companion, or to purchase for just $19.95, click here.

Colorful Charts Now Available for Legacy

Legacy users can now create colorful family tree charts with Legacy Charting Companion 2.0 from Progeny Software.

Choose from over 16-million colors and three color styles to display family lines by gender, generation or lineage.

Legacy Charting Companion 2.0 is priced at $19.95US and available as a download.  For more information on Legacy Charting Companion with color, and to see our sample charts, please go to


No data entry nor GEDCOM import are required.  Legacy Charting Companion reads files directly from Legacy Family Tree versions 3, 4, 5 and 6.  And it's so easy to use - just select a person in your Legacy Family Tree file, choose a chart type and presto - the chart is created!

With Legacy Charting Companion version 2.0, you can also:

  • select default colors or choose your own to display family lines by gender, generation or lineage
  • create an extra special effect with the gradient color option
  • customize line widths for printing charts of varying sizes
  • download free User Guide and Wall Chart Printing Tips manuals
  • customize font styles for individual charts and reports
  • display and print the Descendant Chart from top-to-bottom or left-to-right
  • limit the height of photos
  • save screen images as a JPG, GIF, PNG or BMP files
  • edit book reports using all popular word processing software programs, including the new Open Office Writer.

Charts and Reports

Choose from a wide variety of charts and reports, including: Ancestor, Descendant, Fan, Hourglass, Pedigree, Bow Tie, Outline Descendant, Kinship, Family Group Record, Standard Family Group Record, Ahnentafel (Ancestor Book Report) and Register (Descendant Book Report).

There are many ways to customize your Legacy Charting Companion charts. For example, you can choose the number of generations, events you want to include, the content of your box charts, the date format, add photos and the list goes on. Also, with the "COUSIN SMART" option you can even avoid duplicate individuals on charts, saving space and clutter.

The print preview makes printing your charts easy. Print your chart any size you like, including a large wall chart that can be made by tiling pages together or printing to a plotter. You can even publish your charts using PDF so you can email them to family and friends.

Onscreen Views and Search

Browse through generations of your family tree using onscreen tree views.  An extensive search capability will help you find elusive information you may have stored in your genealogy file.

Legacy Charting Companion version 2.0 is an exciting new product that helps you see your family tree in a whole new way. We truly believe you'll love the new colorful charts!

To order your download of Legacy Charting Companion 2.0, go to