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New 12-part Scotland Series

Legacy Family Tree Webinars is pleased to announce a new 12-part Scottish genealogy series by one of Scotland's most prominent genealogists, Dr. Bruce Durie. The course takes you through the critical aspects of Scottish genealogy. For those with Scottish ancestry, this in-depth course is essential. 

The series debuted with a free live webinar on Friday, May 3rd and was immediately followed by the release of five pre-recorded classes into the Legacy library. These will be followed by another free live webinar on Friday, June 7th, 2019 and the release of the remaining 5 classes that same day.

The Scottish Course includes:

1. Scottish genealogy – Everything you need is at ScotlandsPeople, ScotlandsPlaces and the NationalLibrary of Scotland (Free until 5/8/2019, introductory)

2. Who Are The Scots? – History, Anthropology, DNA

3. Using ScotlandsPeople for Scottish censuses – 1841 and before to 1911

4. Using ScotlandsPeople for pre-1855 Old Parish Record – Baptisms, Marriages, Burials

5. Using ScotlandsPeople for post-1855 Statutory Records – Births, Marriages, Deaths

6. Scotland has no Probate – Wills and Testaments, Land Inheritance back to 1544

7. Using ScotlandsPlaces for People in Land and Tax Records etc., Maps, Gazetteers - Register for FREE June 7th live webinar

8. Numbers, Dates, Calendars, Money and Measure in Scotland

9. Scots Heraldry and Coats of Arms

10. Other Scottish Records and Sources – NRS, NRAS, SCAN

11. Myths, Stories and Pitfalls in Scottish Genealogy

12. Emigration from Scotland


About the Presenter

BruceDurie-400x400Dr. Bruce Durie is considered one of Scotland's top genealogists, with an international reputation. He is perhaps best known for his eight-year BBC radio series, “Digging Up Your Roots” and “A House with A Past”, and he has authored over 30 books, including the best-selling “Scottish Genealogy” now in its 4th edition. His background is in medicine and neuropharmacology, as well as holding a doctoral degree in history and education.
Bruce founded, delivered and ran the much-acclaimed Postgraduate Program in Genealogical Studies at the University of Strathclyde in Glasgow, including a full-time, online, one-year Masters Genealogical Studies programme. He now teaches courses on Genealogy, Documents and Heraldry as a Teaching Fellow at the University of Edinburgh.
He is well known for speaking, lecturing and presenting workshops on various aspects of Scottish genealogy, heraldry, history and culture worldwide but particularly in the UK, USA and Canada.
His latest book is "Your Scottish-American Ancestry" and forthcoming are:
  • "Celt-ish: Uncovering the Great 'Celtic' Conspiracy" (The History Press, late 2019/early 2020)
  • “The American Declaration of Independence and the Declaration of Arbroath” (early 2020)


Other honours and awards:

  • Shennachie (Genealogist and Historian) to the Chief of Durie
  • Elected to the prestigious Académie Internationale de Généalogie (the only member from Scotland)
  • Recently appointed Chartered Biologist (CBiol) by the Royal Biological Society for his work on the public understanding of Genetic Genealogy
  • Founding Member of the Register of Qualified Genealogists (
  • Founding Member of the Editorial Board of two scholarly, peer-reviewed journals, Genealogy ( and The Journal of Genealogy and Family History (
  • Fulbright Senior Scottish Studies Scholar 2016, spending eight months researching “Scottish Migration into Colonial America” at St Andrews University, Laurinburg, North Carolina, USA
  • Right of Audience at the Court of the Lord Lyon

More info at:

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Foundations of Scottish Genealogy 1 of 12: The Top 3 Resources - free webinar by Dr. Bruce Durie now online for limited time

Foundations of Scottish Genealogy 1 of 12: The Top 3 Resources - free webinar by Dr. Bruce Durie now online for limited time

The recording of Friday's webinar, "Foundations of Scottish Genealogy 1 of 12: The Top 3 Resources” by Dr. Burce Durie is now available to view at for free for a limited time.

Webinar Description

Finding your Scottish ancestors is impossible without the vast and essential resources of ScotlandsPeople, ScotlandsPlaces and the National Library of Scotland. This introductory session will show participants how to register for and access these resources, and exactly what is and is not free to search and/or download. This class, an essential prerequisite for the others following, provides the foundation for this exclusive 12-part series of Scottish genealogy taught by one of Scotland's top genealogists, Dr. Bruce Durie.
View the Recording at

If you could not make it to the live event or just want to watch it again, the 1 hour 31 minute recording of "Foundations of Scottish Genealogy 1 of 12: The Top 3 Resources" is now available to view in our webinar library for free for a limited time. 

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