New TechZone Video - vs. by Marc McDermott

New TechZone Video - vs. by Marc Mcdermott

Every Friday we're pleased to offer Legacy Family Tree Webinar members a new, short ten minute or less TechZone video just for them! This Friday enjoy " vs." by Marc McDermott. vs.

Wordpress is a free platform for hosting websites. But Wordpress can be very confusing because there are two versions - and Come find out the difference and which is best for you.


About the Presenter

Marc McDermottMarc McDermott is a hobbyist genealogist and metal detectorist—two passions that speak to a love of uncovering things buried in the past. His third passion is sharing his hobbies with others and finding ways to break down beginner and advanced topics so that they are easy to understand and apply. He is the creator of Genealogy Explained, a website where he shares his love for genealogy with fellow hobbyists. A member of the National Genealogical Society and an annual attendee of RootsTech in Salt Lake City, Marc is always eager for opportunities to connect with genealogy experts and learn about the latest ideas in family history research and DNA. Marc lives in New Jersey with his wife Leigh and daughter Helen.

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